top selling lipsticks

Top Selling Lipsticks by Oxbloode

Appearances matter in society, and you need to look at your best no matter the circumstances. Our top selling lipsticks are one of the easiest ways to show the confidence and beauty in yourself. 

The trick is to choose the right lipstick brand that is suitable for you. Oxbloode brand is going viral for all the right reasons. So, this article will discuss why you need to get your hands on one of these top-selling lipsticks before they sell out.  

top selling lipsticks

Psychological boost

It’s essential for you to keep both your physical and psychological well-being. People who use lipsticks are known to improve their confidence levels, and onlookers feel that they are also in control. 

Wearing lipstick can also be uplifting, especially when in tough economic times. Things might be difficult in your life, but at least you can still enjoy applying your favorite lipstick. 

Therefore, lipstick will help you to have a positive energy that will impact everyone you interact with.  


Lipstick protects your lips from various elements such as cold and wind. The right lipstick will form a barrier to prevent any damage to your lips. If your lips have cracks or they are dry, lipstick will repair them. 

It’s about choosing the right lipstick to get the maximum benefits that they offer. For soft lips, go for a lipstick which has natural oils and emollients so that you can get the moisture. 

In addition, because lips lack melanin to protect you from UV light, lipstick creates a barrier to protect you from the sun.    

Top selling lipsticks

  1.   Oxbloode is the New Black

Oxbloode is the New Black is a lipstick that you have been dreaming for because it’s designed to suit people of all skin types. It’s a black matte liquid lipstick that leaves your lips with a soft texture and impacts a matte velvet finish. It takes just about 2 minutes to dry up. For long-lasting color, first, apply on your lips a thin layer of lip balm before using it and avoid eating oily foods. 

  1.   1-4-3

1-4-3 refers muted classic red looks beautiful when you put it on. This red matte lipstick offers the precision on the marker tips to prevent stains. Because it’s not too bright and not too dark, it’s ideal for various skin types.    

  1.   Psychic City

You can get the confidence boost with Psychic City with its purple-toned raspberry color. The best part about this lipstick is the fact that it lasts long to leave you without a need to reapply more of it.   

  1.   Editha 

Editha applies smoothly for your lips to stay vintage rose mauve. This mauve matte liquid is an excellent option if you are going out for a special event as it will make you feel warm and sweet.    

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